Karma Clearing with Brandy Oliver
"Brandy, I just want to thank you for the karma clearing session I had with you. I want you to know how wonderfully liberating it was...Since I had my session with you I'm feeling ...light, and relieved of anundercurrent of anxiety that I never really could put my finger on . I want to thank you, and I look forward to see you again. Thank you for expanding my horizons and the way I see myself. Best wishes always." ~APD

"I am agnostic and don't even understand what exactly a Karma Clearing is but each time I have had one with you, my personal development has shifted and I gain huge insights into myself." ~AS

"When the clearing started my lethargic sick dog got really happy and then lay down and dozed until the "final mop up" during which he had another happy attack and ended up zooming around the room. I had not seen him that happy at any point." (dog session) ~ ZS
Free Your Soul!

Clear Karma from Past Lives

Research Akashic Records

Clear Blocks & Conflicts

Release Old Programs

Raise Consciousness

Remove Extra Souls

Receive Spiritual Healing

Give Your Soul the Opportunity to Grow!

Unload Past & Present Life Baggage

Reprogram Old Beliefs & Negative Thoughts

Release Blocks & Karmic Patterns


Brandy will explore your Akashic Records, clearing your Karma as you participate in energy intent.

(You may experience thoughts, feelings, sensations, energy, memories, tears, joy, or simple relaxation).

Schedule your Karma Clearing session with Brandy

Sessions typically last 1 - 2 hours

$320 for your first session

Sessions available via:

Seffner, FL Office
Your Location (additional fee)





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